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Guidelines for Parents

Oak Knoll is a big school with a lot of students, parents, staff and neighbors. In efforts to provide a responsive and positive experience to our community, alongside promoting a healthy integration of work and life for our staff, we have identified guidelines. Following our lead using this information will hopefully support your needs and result in smooth communication, solution-focused problem solving, and top-notch customer service. Our administrators, teachers and staff are here to help; we have your child’s best interest in mind. We recognize that mistakes can happen and we are willing to hear your feedback. We ask that you respect our approach and use these practices and protocols as a road map.

  • Problem Solving: We believe our students are capable of solving many of their own problems. If your child can attempt to solve the issue on his/her own, please encourage him/her to try; it’s a valuable confidence-building moment.
  • Teaching Independence and Responsibility: As part of our Growth Mindset work, we teach our students that we learn from making mistakes. If your child forgets their instrument and/or assignment, it is an opportunity for them to handle it on their own. Our staff appreciates when you allow this learning to happen.
  • Positive Outcomes: Focusing concerns on needs and solutions leads to positive outcomes for everyone.
  • Teacher First: Always start with the classroom teacher. Share your concern or seek clarity; our staff is open to feedback.
  • Further Support: If you have met with the classroom teacher, and you or your child feels further support is necessary, please contact our school counselor Nicole Scott, school psychologist Jenny Ryan or our Assistant Principal. If the counselor/psychologist/AP feels it is necessary to involve the principal she will do so right away.
  • School Issues: Should you find yourself wishing to address a more global issue, you are welcome to contact our office manager, Theresa Rhoades ( who will direct your request to the appropriate staff member(s), including the principal Ms. Payton-Miyazaki.
  • Work-Life Integration: We believe the evenings and weekends should be focused on family. We encourage our staff and community to disconnect over weekends and breaks. We will return email within 2 workdays.
  • Student Focused: We believe our teachers should be focused on students during the school day, therefore, e-mail and phone messages will be returned before and after school. If for any reason, you need to get a message to your child during the day, call the Oak Knoll office (650-854-4433).
  • Respect Our Neighbors: We have great neighbors and ask that you show appreciation and respect to them and their property when coming to and from our campus.

We are a community who must work hard and be nice so our

Oak Knoll students can have the best year yet!