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Emergency Preparedness

Emergency and Disaster Preparedness

Oak Knoll has a well-developed emergency plan that deals with a number of possible emergencies.  This plan is aligned with the Menlo Park School District Emergency Plan, the State Emergency Management System (SEMS) and the California Administrative Code, Section 560, Title 5.

District Responsibility

If the Superintendent declares a District emergency during the school day, all students will be required to remain at school or an alternate safe site under the care and supervision of District personnel until regular dismissal time and released only then if it is considered safe, OR until released to an adult authorized by the parent or legal guardian whose name appears on District records or their student ID tag.

If students are on their way to school they will be brought to school if bused, or they should proceed to school, or the nearest District school site.

If students are on their way from school they are to continue home.

During a Declared Emergency, students, who have not been picked up by their parents or other authorized person, may be taken by District personnel to another site where consolidated care facilities can be provided.  This information will be given to the media stations to keep parents informed.

In addition, the District will utilize its emergency robocalling, texting, and e-mail systems as well as posting information on the web site to communicate emergency information. Use of these modes of communication will depend on the ability to access them during an emergency and after we have responded to the safety of the students.

Please ensure that all your contact information is up to date and any changes are immediately reported to the school.

Parent Responsibility

  • Parents and legal guardians of students will be provided with a Student Health/Emergency Form each year.  In case of a Declared Emergency, students will be released ONLY to the person designated on this form. Parents are responsible for ensuring that information on the Student Health / Emergency Form is current.
  • Parents are asked to share the responsibility along with the school for informing students of what they should do in case of a severe earthquake or other major emergency. 
  • Parents need to give specific directions to each student to follow the policy outlined above and to comply with school authority. School authorities will do everything possible to care for each student if he/she is under District supervision.
  • It is critical that students do not have directions from parents that are contrary to the District’s stated policy on retention at school and authorized release in case of a severe emergency.


Oak Knoll Emergency Procedures

  • Oak Knoll conduct drills every year in order to be prepared for a variety of situations.  In San Mateo county all schools and government building practice the Big 5 (see below). These are also posted in all classrooms.
Big 5 Emergency
  • In the event of an emergency please remain calm and remember that your children will be taken care of.  Your children’s safety is our first priority.
  • Oak Knoll staff will follow the Oak Knoll Site Emergency Plan and those policies set out by the District Plan.  All staff has designated roles in an emergency and a command structure exists.
  • Each classroom is equipped with a Red Emergency Backpack and Emergency Clipboard containing a class roster, Student release/medical ID tags and first aid/emergency supplies and materials. 
  • In addition, the school has emergency food and water for the immediate crisis and up to 72 hours.
  • Teachers and students will follow the school’s evacuation procedures.  After the evacuation, roll will be called and each student will be given his or her ID tag to wear. 
  • Students will be supervised at the school site until a parent or designated alternate appearing on the ID tag can come and pick up the student.  For this reason, it is important all information on this ID tag is current and those designated are someone with whom you have discussed this situation and have mutually agreed upon an emergency plan.
  • In the event of a serious earthquake where building safety becomes an issue, parents or designated persons should come to the school as soon as possible to pick up your child.  PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE SCHOOL. Phones will be needed for emergency information. Tune into local radio and television for community news and instructions.
  • Please, park on the surrounding streets.  DO NOT PARK IN DRIVEWAYS OR PARKING AREA OF SCHOOL.  These areas will be needed for emergency vehicles. 

Student Release

  • Proceed carefully and calmly to the designated Student Release Area on the field. Personnel or signs will direct you.  If it is unsafe to stay on the field and we need to evacuate off site there will be a posted sign on the field with our offsite location.
  • ID will be required unless you are already familiar to the adults in charge of release.  We will need to record who picked up each student as well as the time picked up and their destination. This needs to be done in a calm and orderly manner to manage the situation and as such will require patience on everyone’s part.
  • After your information has been checked and authorization to pick up the student has been confirmed, then and only then will the student be released.
  • Talk with your child about emergency plans within your family.  Tell your child not to be worried if it takes a long time for someone to pick him/her up.  Your child will remain safe at school until you or a designated person on the ID tag arrives to pick them up. Make sure your child is familiar with the authorized designated Emergency Release people on their tag and remind students that they must follow all directions given by school personnel in cases of emergency.
  • Your child’s ID card can be updated at any time during the school year.  You can get a blank copy of the form from the Office, from your teacher, or online.