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After School Programs

We are excited to offer after school programs when we return to school Fall 2023.  Most of our after school programs will be offered through Homeroom, our online after school activity registration and management site.  Registration will begin after the Top Ten email goes to all families on August 17th at 5pm.

After school classes begin the week of September 5.  Please continue to check back as additional providers will be added before school begins!

Please check out Homeroom for registration and more course information.

Below are samples of programs that were offered in the 2022-23 School Year as a preview of courses offered.

Bay Area Chess

BayAreaChess combines fun and learning while promoting a team spirit where everyone helps each other succeed and improve. Our chess program will cover the very basics for new students to the game and we can challenge experienced players with more advanced concepts. Students will have the opportunity to learn the moves of the pieces, opening strategy, tactics, checkmates and endgame play. Students will also learn valuable life skills through chess, such as winning and losing with grace, sportsmanship, planning and team spirit. Our mission is to transform and enrich the lives of students through chess.

Girls on the Run

A team of girls will make new friends and celebrate all that makes them unique. Emotional intelligence is the building block of next generation leadership: Girls on the Run builds these critical skills including confidence, motivation, self-awareness, self-regulation, social skills and empathy. Each practice consists of a movement-based lesson, games, and a running workout, all from the nationally-recognized Girls on the Run curriculum. The Girls on the Run curriculum is one of only 3 programs recognized by the Harvard Graduate School of Education as a top social-emotional learning (SEL) experience for kids. The season ends with all 60+ teams convening for the Girls on the Run 5K, which is part of the largest 5K series in the US. All supplies, t-shirt, and entry to the 5K are included with the program. ***No Running Experience Required**** We rotate our curriculum each fall and spring so that kids who repeat the program get a fresh experience!

Introduction to Flag Football

This Co Ed 60 min class introduces young athletes to Flag Football Fun! Although this class is intended K-3rd grade rookies we also adapt it to be fun for experienced older athletes as well! We teach the fundamentals of flag football through BASIC skills such as throwing, catching, and running with the ball. We put an added emphasis on other important aspects of the game like sportsmanship, teamwork and leadership. We do not keep scores, stats, wins or losses. Through "skill of the day" as well as "sportsmanship touchdowns" are some of the successful teachings we use to keep the sport fun for kids of ALL skill levels. Kids are broken up into age appropriate groups for scrimmages. This is a very CO ED friendly class! Since football can be a bit complicated game our coaches play QB and we also play fast paced not traditional games such sharks and minnows / flag tag and much more!

Introduction to Robotics

EASE Education offers a stimulating robotics program for young engineers ranging from 1st to 3rd grade. Utilizing VEX 123, we teach young learners how to use VEX code with Drag & Drop blocks to code the 123 robot. Learners can code the 123 robot using touch to control movements and sounds. They learn sequences, logic and problem solving. Learners progress to using coding Cards and the VEX Coder to control the 123 robot. They learn real programming away from tablets and computers.

Piano Group

Learn piano in a fun social group atmosphere! Group piano class provides students an excellent introduction to the keyboard and prepares them for more serious private study as well as playing in a band/ensemble. Most importantly, students will begin to develop the skill of playing music with their peers which provides a lifelong benefit. Our teachers focus on developing the students’ core keyboard skills: hand position, note-reading, chord vocabulary, rhythm, and theory while rehearsing a repertoire of rock, pop, and classical songs. We bring a set of keyboards for the students to every class.  We recommend that kids also have an instrument at home on which to practice.


Easy Spanish is a Spanish language study program developed specifically for children by Viviana Marchevsky, a native speaker with an extensive background in education and child development. Through a variety of exciting games and interactive activities the children develop vocabulary and grammar skills in Spanish. No boring or mechanical drills and memorizing words, and homework is optional. Viviana uses only native speaking experienced instructors, whom she has trained in the Easy Spanish Teaching System.

Woodworkers Academy

In this class students will learn the art of woodworking, how to use various hand tools, building techniques, & math skills. All beginners will start by making a spin top, which gives them a taste of most of our tools and how to use them, after which they can choose from a host of pre-chosen projects as well as creating ideas of their own. Projects may include birdhouses, toy cars, boats, treasure chests, book shelves and whatever our imagination comes up with! Some of the tools we use are brace drills, egg beater drills, try squares, coping saws, hand saws, & c-clamps. This program offers children a creative outlet whilst learning vital skills that will serve them throughout their entire life.

After School Hoops

After School Hoops is a one hour per week instructional basketball course. Through games, contests and drills, players will learn the fundamentals of the game, improve their skills, and sweat through hard work.


VillageSports is partnering up with the Cheer Spirit squad to bring you a one of a kind program. Our Stanford Spirit squad choreographs dance for our basketball team and performs at every game during half time and timeouts. They are well equipped to teach your child choreography and dance and they are very excited to bring their knowledge to Oak Knoll.

And much more!