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Girl Scouts - School Liaison

What does our committee do?
Our committee encourages participation in Girl Scouts for all grade levels:

  • K-1:  Daisies
  • 2-3:  Brownies
  • 4-5:  Juniors

What types of responsibilities do our volunteers help with?
We answer general questions about Girl Scouts and help with the forming of new troops at school and also try to place girls in existing troops if they are

Girl Scouts

interested in joining but do not have enough girls to form a new troop.

Attend the PTO Back-to-school Coffee and staff an info table to answer general questions about Girl Scouts.

Coordinate communication between the Girl Scout Service Unit and the parent leaders of the new troop to get it up and running.  Advise & mentor the new troop leaders as necessary.

When do we need you?
Throughout the year as the need arises but primarily at the start of the school year when new troops are forming and girls are interested in joining a troop at the start of school.

How much time commitment is involved?

Any special skills required?

Interested in joining this committee?
Please refer to the PTO Committees table to contact the committee chair.