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Library Resources

What does our committee do?

  • The library resources committee coordinates and organizes the library database and maintains library

inventory with the help of library volunteers committee.

What types of responsibilities do our volunteers help with?

  • Adding new books to collection
  • Removing old books, as needed
  • Covering new books
  • Book repair and cleaning
  • Maintaining accurate database of inventory
  • Manage yearly physical inventory of library resources

When do we need you?

  • Throughout the year

How much time commitment is involved?

  • Depending on tasks, 1 to 4 hours a week during the year and/or several hours during the last month of school for inventory.

Any special skills required?

  • Attention to detail.  Understanding of database management and Dewey Decimal System necessary for some tasks.


Please refer to the PTO Committees table to contact the committee chair.