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PTO Overview

The PTO is a volunteer organization made up of all Oak Knoll School parents and teachers.  The PTO’s purpose is threefold: to enrich students’ academic and emotional learning; to support teachers in and out of the classroom; and to provide opportunities for parents, students, teachers and administrators to more deeply connect.

How does the PTO support Oak Knoll’s mission? 

  • Exemplary Scholar:  Provides and supports curriculum enrichment opportunities, including assemblies, Science Olympiad, the 3rd grade musical, STEAM on the Knoll and Poetry in Motion.  

  • Valued Friend:  Ensuring that all families have opportunities to connect with each other and with the school through events such as the Fall Family Picnic, Office Open House, Coffees in the Classroom, and Parent Mixers.

  • Courageous Citizen:  Prioritizing community connection, engagement, and inclusion in Oak Knoll and our broader community.  

Together, we provide human and capital reinforcements to help Oak Knoll’s teachers and staff focus on educating our children and enriching their learning experience. Ever wonder who organizes After School Programs, After School Sports, the Otter Weekly, Otterwear (school spirit items), car line or school musicals? Our amazing PTO volunteers!

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